i5 7600k vs R5 1600 For 1440p

As the title describes, i wanna know which will be better for 1440p games.
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  1. both give great framerates now, and although the 7600K might have an advantage (especially overclocked) now, the R5-1600 also offers excellent framerates, especially OC'd to 3.9 GHz or so, but it's 6 core/12 thread design might fare better in new games 2 years from now....
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  2. (That decision is MUCH tougher on 7700K vs. R5-1600, IMO...)
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  3. It is more dependent on the graphics card at 1440p. A gtx 1070 or maybe one of the new AMD cards coming out in a few days. But yes, either cpu will do a good job. Though I think I would go with the R5 1600 since it will be more upgradeable in the future. True you will get a few more frames out of the 7600k. But you can do more things at once, like recording gameplay, and or streaming at the same time with the 1600. The 1700 would be even better.

    When I say multiple things, I mean with much less lag.
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  4. Im going to be using the 1080 with this if you are wondering
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    There was an R7-1700 vs. 7700K 1440P gaming comparison on youtube within the last 10 days, and as the R5-1600X performs quite similarly you can see the results yourself... (R5-1600 lags behind in a few games, but, not majorly so, and can still offer high framerates 90% of the time, just not enough to match the 7700K; but throw streaming into the equation, and, for sure the R5-1600 would likely pull ahead due to it's 12 threads)
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  6. tdmaster said:
    Im going to be using the 1080 with this if you are wondering

    Well get the 1600 or 1700 if you can afford it then. More threads, more opportunities to multitask smoothly.
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