Thermal Paste for heat sink and liquid metal for delidding? Or same thing?

Hello, I am in the process of ordering some items to keep my CPU cooler.

I'm going to buy a delidding tool for my i7 7700k and apply this liquid metal.

I've also read that thermal grizzly conductonaut might be slightly better beneath the heat spreader so maybe I will buy that depending on your responses.

The thing I'm questioning: Is the liquid metal able to be used beneath the heat spreader and ontop? Or will I need to buy a thermal paste and the liquid metal together?
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    Liquid metal is really for situations where you don't intend to ever take it back apart, which is great for delidding. Between the IHS and heatsink, however, I'd use a high quality thermal paste of some sort. Be careful with liquid metal, it's really conductive and can ruin electronics if it gets into crevices it shouldn't be in
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