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I recently built a new gaming PC. Because of case limitations I had to either put the fans on the top or bottom of the radiator with one side above the actual internal of the case. I put the fans on top with a pull up configuration.
I would like to make sure I didn't need to use the washers in the long screws that I put through the fans and into the radiator.
The H115i I installed came with short screws and washers that were supposed to be used in unison. I just want to make sure I am good not using them because I didn't use that set of screws.

Also the case is the Be Quiet Pro 900. I could've moved the motherboard housing down, but that was a pain and I didn't feel like doing it.
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  1. You don't technically "need" to use washers but they do help to tighten down properly. If everything's in place then i guess don't worry about it.

    You can also go to a home hardware store to get different screws etc if needed to do a better job of mounting.

    Ideally you want the fans to blow THROUGH the radiator as that's more efficient.
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  2. You're fine. It's not going to hurt anything not having them in there. I prefer to use plastic / rubber washers on radiator mounts to reduce vibration.
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