thermaltake water 3.0 ultimate or Corsair H115 for i7 7700k OC

I recently build a new gaming system with the i7 7700k on a Corsair H90 aio in push configuration. Currently overclocked to 5.2 ghz (1.412 vcore) idle is normal at 40-45C but in Intel's bench it reaches 100C. Any thoughts on how the water 3.0 or h115 would handle this chip?
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  1. I think you should go with custom water cooling to handle that 5.2Ghz with 1.41V heat.
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  2. I would lower that OC as it is to high for long term reliability, especially at such high temperatures. Why push the CPU to its maximum? I would leave it at 5.0ghz which will require lower voltage. Also make sure to OC with Offset (Adaptive voltage). At your current OC, anything less than a custom loop is not recommended.
    P.S. From the two I would pick thermaltake water 3.0.
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  3. Thanks I'm going to go ahead and look at custom water cooling loops to see what will work.
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