How long have you ever overclocked your GPU?

How long have you ever overclocked your GPU for Mining? And which GPU are you using?
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  1. am using 6 x 1050ti rig for ethereum mining but today morning my PSU got melted/burned, i dont know the exact reason but i think due to overclocking from last nearly 25 days (even if its stable) there was an increase in the voltage in GPU processor which resulted in increasing voltage in powered riser adapter and then that voltage went to motherboard pcie 1x slot and then melted PSU, UPS fuse of 3A was also blacked out.

    I maybe wrong but i dont see any other option due to which my PSU burned.

    I am scared now, i dont know if continuous overclocking is good for my system or not. I am running machine at stock values now for long run.
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  2. You usually don't overclock your GPU for mining, it increases power consumption and therefore lowers profits. I'm not a miner myself, but 6 GPUs on a PSU is quite taxing, with our without overclocks. Maybe you can run an experiment like this:
    underclock you system and see how it effects hashrates. If your rates are not negatively effected, you have lowered the cost of mining in electricity and increased profits.
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  3. i have connected 2 PSU 550W each on this rig, my main aim is not to achieve good hashrate, my aim is to achieve hashrate where my system products dont show any physical errors or errors in software that m using.
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  4. I am not a miner, but isn't the goal to achieve a higher hashrate so you can find the reward?
    By phisical error, do you mean the actualy components of the PC breaking? As far as software errors go, my knolede of mining has been surpased, but I may be able to help you research the errors if more details were given about them. I don't understand, if you don't want to increase your hashrate, why did you overclock to begin with?
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