I have m91p series of lenovo thinkcentre can it have atx motherboard or it is btx

I have never upgraded my motherboard since I have bought from store so my question is whether lenovo thinkcentre m91p series have atx or btx type of motherboard .moreover I would like to change my case which is the best case for atx type and a best psu for that case .I am thinking about to take cooler Master elite 500 and 350w corsair psu .I don'the have any graphic card over there ..... please,.....please me friends. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.I like this forum. Thumbs up for this forum because I get correct answer from this forum.thankyou
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  1. There are several m91p systems. Is this what the motherboard looks like? If so, then it's a standard micro-ATX motherboard.
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  2. Yes you are right in your it is same as it is thanks. So which is best case for that to fit in. And what about psu is that right thank you.....thanks very much
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  3. It will fit into any ATX (7 slots) or micro-ATX (4 slots) case. Select a case that meets your preferences.

    The cooler Master elite 500 is a poor PSU; what Corsair 350 PSU? The VS350? Will you add a graphics card and if so, which one?
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  4. Nope....! I am not going to install any graphic card
    So what to do whether to remain in240w or I have to upgrade to any corsair psu.
    Which case and company would you recommend having my budget around 3000
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    If you are not adding a GPU, then don't upgrade the PSU. If you ever decide to add a GPU, then get a quality PSU that provides the required PCI Express connector(s).
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