Help! My motherboard is not detecting my SSD

My Current Build:
Intel i7 5820k
GTX 1070
MSI X99 Gaming 9 AC

First, I would like to ask why my motherboard or disk management couldn't detect the Intel 600p nvme pcie 256 GB SSD I bought. (Inserted it in the m.2 connector of the motherboard)

Tried confirguring the bios pci strap to PCIE. But it still doesn't show up :(

Is the ssd defective?
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  1. Best answer
    with new intel mb if the pcie ssd is used some of the sata ports are off. also in the bios turn on raid on sata ports see if the card found then. also update your bios.,
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  2. Updated the BiOS, then it showed up! Thank you very much.
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