Problem with Samsung M3 Portable 1TB HDD not showing up on This PC

I tried to use my Samsung external HDD on my PS4, to see if I could watch my various films and series on it. It didn't work, because I was advised to format the HDD as a storage facility for the PS4 (confusing Youtube instruction video) and in the process I've probably wiped the HDD of my files.

Not able to work out how to use the HDD with the PS4, I plugged the HDD back into my computer to see whether my files had been wiped and if I could recover them. However, there is no sign of the HDD in the usual place, where I normally find it listed alongside my C and D drives under This PC. It is detected under Printers and Devices, and Seatools Diagnostics also detects it. I'd like to access the HDD again both so I can check that it's really wiped, and also so I can use it again.

Could someone please help me, and tell me how to access it as a local disk again?
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  1. Could be as simple as assigning a drive letter to it, so try that first:

    Open Disk Management

    Right-click on the Samsung drive ribbon in bottom-right panel

    Choose "Change Drive Letters & Paths"

    Click "Add"

    Accept default letter or choose your own (must be an unused letter).

    Click "OK"
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