AIO liquid cooling for LGA 775?

I need a an AIO liquid cooler for my Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 (I might be replacing it with an Intel Core 2 Extreme) to overclock with my BIOS settings in my MS-7379 motherboard, so I can replace my Prehistoric GT 530 with a GTX 760 and not experience any bottlenecks. Preferably a 200mm but if not it has to be the size of one fan. I have only 2 fan mounts on my case. Thank you!
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  1. Just so you know... that motherboard is not designed to handle overclocking. And if it is in an OEM build, the BIOS may not even have any options for increasing the base clock speed.

    But to answer your question, we need to know what case the cooler will be going into. No sense getting one that won't fit.
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  2. The case... Doesn't have a real name. And I can increase the base clock speed. I increased it from 2.2 to 2.420 (<removed>, and because the multiplier was set to 11 and I didn't want to touch that) on my core 2 duo E4500, Stress tested it and it reached the clock speed.
    I can send you photos if you want.

    Moderator Edit: Please refrain from drug references.

    - rubix_1011
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  3. Why doesn't it have a name? Because it's a case manufactured by Ivory, a hardware seller in israel (yes, I'm jewish. And no, I don't care what other people think about us)
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  4. I looked at the CPU support list and it takes Core2Extremes so it can't be too weak. If you have control of voltage, and an overclocked 2 core works for you, then a tape mod on an E7500 form 1066fsb to 1333fsb will get you 3.66GHz. The standard size case fan is 120mm. If you have a case fan next to the CPU then you can get a 120mm AIO. if there is another case fan right next to it then you can get a 240mm. There needs to be about 3/4" clearance at hose end, and 1/2" at the other because the tanks and hoses make the radiator wider than the fans. If your case is drilled for 140mm fans then 140mm/280mm would be your sizes. LGA775 shouldn't be a problem.
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  5. I need you to tell me a model of an AIO liquid cooler. I know if it will be compatible or not. And I don't have 2 fan/radiator mounts next to eachother, but the mounts I do have are 200/140/120mm
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  6. Not really sure why religion and nationality have anything to do with your thread, here, so there is no purpose to having this brought up. Also, I removed your drug reference as this is against forum rules.

    To expand on your inquiry, you are asking us for some information, but there are things you are going to have to figure out on your own. For example, your cooler needs to support socket 775, as you mentioned, so this should be the first thing you're looking for.

    Secondly, you need to know what radiator size your case supports, so we cannot 'just tell you' what model to buy since you don't even have information to provide us to even point you in the right direction. You're asking us to give you an answer based only on variables.
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