core 2 quad q6600 with ddr 3 1333mhz

Hello, i want to ask what do i need to overclock to use ddr3 1333mhz ram with my cpu. or is it even possible?
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  1. What mainboard do you have?
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  2. asrock g41m-vs3
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  3. I have googled for "G41M-VS3 overclock", and found some results on Toms Hardware in german. Using 1333-Ram should be possible, but reported not to work with the q6600 (or any other 1066 CPU). They used it with 1333-CPUs (i.e. Q9650). Going beyond 333x4 was possible, but not beyond 344x4 (so max 1377).
    Most people describe the board as "cheap, not having the ressources for overclocking).
    Best hit:
    My own experiments/experience with overlocking my q6600 on ASRock boards was just terrible. The q6600 was going fine to 2.7 GHz without problems on Gigabyte-boards, but on my ASRock-boards, not a little bit. I only have good experience with overclocking on ASRock boards since P67 chipsets.
    Sorry to be of no help here... :-(
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