Where does these cords go?? please help

Hi, no joke been working on this build for 8 hours now I think maybe more and I can't figure out where stuff goes. My setup is this any1 know any good videos or tips? I'm talking about every single one cord that should go into the mother board I just can't figure it out.
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  1. About what cords you're talking about?
  2. PCMACPC said:
    About what cords you're talking about?

    Talking about the cords that go into the motherboard I can't I don't know if I'm doing it right and I have cords left over and idk where they go I been looking at the Manuel its too confusing, tried looking it up but nope.
  3. Cords from the PSU?
    Only 24 pin and 4/8 cpu Pin.
  4. PCMACPC said:
    Cords from the PSU?
    Only 24 pin and 4/8 cpu Pin. here are the pic
  5. On the top of your motherboard. ( 4 pin or 8 pin)
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    Left hand corner near the top you'll see a socket. It'll be right behind the stuff that sticks out the I/O shield. On some mobo's it's a square 4 pin socket, on some higher end mobo's it's a rectangular 8pin socket. The connectors are usually labeled EPS. The 2x 4pins have a tab that joins them together if you need them as 8pin, or there's 1 specific 4pin that'll fit a 4pin socket, the other is unused. You need to check the socket and look at how it is keyed, which pin is square, which pin is D, and line them up with the corresponding 4pin connector. Just remember that power supplies are designed to be universal, so you will have extra connections that you will not use.
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