X99 Deluxe CPU_LED Kernel 41 error PQ711 on motherboard

Computer Build Specs: Intel i7 5820k, 16gb (4 sticks) Corsair LPX Vengence DDR4 CMK16GX4M4A2666C16, 2 Asus Strix GTX970 OC edition graphics cards in SLI, Corsair RM1000 (1000w) PSU, Corsair H110 CPU waterblock/radiator, 7 case fans (Corsair/Bitfenix), Corsair 750D case.

Description: CPU_LED on Motherboard. Have tried everything to troubleshoot this problem. Problems began whilst gaming with BF4 and games in general. Computer shutting down after 15-35mins, turning back on with 1 or two fans in case spinning and Motherboard having CPU_LED. I was not getting any memory dump either just kernel error 41 which got me troubleshooting more. Eventually this problem got worse and now I cannot even post because of this CPU_LED is constant red on powerup. I still get power to motherboard lights.

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  1. Try testing different power supply, if possible. If not, a local pc shop might help. Power supply, board, or CPU, I'd say.
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  2. If someone can elaborate on what PQ711 is on the X99 deluxe board it would really help. Could be the cause of the problem getting worse. It certainly looks different from a reference image of that section. Corsair wants me to ship my PSU from Australia to Taiwan at my expense ($120AU+)? Hope they have a change in heart! Intel has been in close contact with me and willing to keep my ticket open as I troubleshoot. Asus is slowly RMA my board, Have to send to Sydney at my expense. All parts are still under warranty and I have a receipt, but I have since moved from where i purchased so have to contact manufacturers myself.
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