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Hi everyone! I just finished stress testing my first ever CPU overclock! I spent about 3hrs bring my 8320 from stock 3.50ghz to a stable 4.36ghz and ran Aida64 for 1 hour and cinebench a few times. I'm looking for some experts to go over my settings for me and make sure I haven't done anything stupid. Everything appears stable and my research tells me all my settings are adjusted properly but a second opinion is always good.

Some things I am worried about:
Settings that should/should not be disabled.
Having so many settings set to auto that might effect stability.
Stress Tests were inadequate

My System:
AMD FX-8350 @ 4.368Ghz , 1.320V
MSI 990FX Gaming Motherboard
Hyper TX3 Heatsink 80mm Fan (Oriented to across VRM heat sink)
Seasonic S12 II 520W Bronze PSU
8 GB G.Skill 1333Mhz RAM

Screenshots of bios settings attached*
CPU Features

On a related note, is it true that FSB overclocking improves single core performance more than multiplier overclocking? I read this in a few places but have found no significant documentation proving it. If someone could provide such documentation or explain why this might be true logically I would really appreciate it.

I also would love some advice on achieving an extra 50mhz or so without increasing voltage so I can hit a solid 4.40ghz. What can I tweak that might get me there?

Any and all answers are much appreciated!
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  1. use amd overdrive
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