Ryzen overclock not showing is CPU-Z.

I have a Ryzen 5-1600x and a MSI B350 Tomahawk Motherboard. In UEFI i set the CPU multiplier to 40 and frequency to 4000mhz, and set the voltage to 1.35, when i go into windows and open up CPU-Z or HW monitor they both say my CPU are running at 2200mhz, lower than the stock 3600mhz it normally runs at. but both programs say I'm running at 1.34 volts higher than the stock voltage.

Ryzen 5-1600x
MSI b350 tomahawk
g.skill 16gb ddr4-3000
corsair H100 v2 watercooler
Asus Strix 1060
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  1. what are you running to properly load the cpu for testing?
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  2. rontonomo said:
    what are you running to properly load the cpu for testing?

    Im using Prime 95
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  3. i did about 40 mins of prime 95 and my frequency and voltage did not change
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  4. what are your windows power settings? put to maximum and see if anything changes.
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  5. Ive had it on Max performance settings.
    when everything is on auto in bios, my cpu is 3.6ghz, which its supposed to but if i overclock the frequency drops to 2.2ghz regardless what the overclco is set to.
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