High CPU, High RAM, High Disk after BSOD

Hi Im worried I have a problem with PC it seems.

I had Blue screen of death after trying to use the ultra fast boot option in BIOS, so I took my CMOS out and reset it. After getting everything working again I find that my game BF1 stutters alot more than it used to Disk usage goes 100%,CPU usage goes 100% and RAM goes to 70+% I have never seen it that high. I'm worried I have fucked something, does anyone know what I can do?


-H97 MB
-GTX 970
-i5 4690
-8GB Corsair Vengeance x 1 RAM
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  1. When you cleared the CMOS did you make sure that all of the components are working at their correct clock speed? For example, the memory speed may have been reduced significantly down to the default speed.
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  2. Yes I checked CPU is at 3.5ghz, RAM at 1600 I did a full UEFI default reset then checked
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  3. Though my DRAM Seems to be running at 798.1mhz according to CPU-Z
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  4. DISK usage at 100% is this a pagefile issue?
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    Dan010101 said:
    DISK usage at 100% is this a pagefile issue?

    After the BSOD the Operating System may perform a system file check to check for any data corruption. This could take a while depending upon how large of a system partition you have.
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