No display on monitor after overclock

So I overclocked my FX 8350 to 5GHZ and it was stable with no crash for a day then the next day it crashed due to overvoltage I lowered the voltage a little and now it would crash due to undervoltage now the pc will turn on with keyboard and mouse on however no display appears on the monitor I have tried to reset the CMOS multiple times and reset the bios using the jumper, I also reinstalled the CPU to the motherboard, and I held down the reset button and power button multiple times. However after all of these attempts nothing has got the monitor to display, anyone know any other solutions or is my CPU fried?
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    Have you tried using a VGA, DVI OR DVI-D cable?
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  2. dylanestrada said:
    Have you tried using a VGA, DVI OR DVI-D cable?

    No I was using DP so I tried HDMI but ill try the others now.
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