Best air cooler for i5 7600k and corsair carbide 270r case

Hi all, just wanted to get some air cooling options for my current set up

I5 7600k
Asus z270g
corsair vengeance lpx ddr4
Corsair carbide 270r case
Current cooler: noctua nh-u9b se2

I went with this cooler as the store I bought my parts from didn't have much else in stock. I've since done a bit of browsing and realise this cooler is pretty dated and there's much better ones out there.

Current temps with no overclock are:

Idle 30-33c
Under load using rog realbench for 15 mins max 67 avg about 62-64.

I note that corsair site says max cooler height is 170mm but does this take into consideration mobo etc being in place?

Also one of the fans on my current cooler basically sits right ontop of one of my ram sticks. A few mm gap

With all that in mind, can I get some suggestions for coolers pls

Considering the nhd15 but it's got a height of 165mm will this be too much considering my case listed max of 170? But with mobo etc too?

Also given this is an even bigger cooler, how will it affect the spacing on my ram?

Apart from nhd15 what else is considered best
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  1. Also, are my current temps quite standard? Or are they on the high side of this cpu?

    The current case fan set up is one in front and one in rear. I'll prob add one more to the front for intake and 2 exhaust up top
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  2. The i5 requires a moderate cooler. Not a beefy NH d15.
    Try a Scythe Mugen 5
    Good idea with more fans for ventilation.
    And yes, the Temps at 60s is a bit on the high side, but not alarmingly high.
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