Corrosion on AIO Watercooling

i plan to get AIO watercooling instead of custom loop , cause custom loop is damn too expensive for me . have some questions :

1. how long to get alumunium rad and copper
block to get corrosion
2. how to prevent corrosin on aio , and how to
clean the corrosion
3. i plan to change the radiator to full copper ,
is that okay ?

btw the aio is thermaltake water 3 extreme , sorry for bad english :D
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  1. FWIW in automotive cooling systems, and marine cooling systems ( especially salt water) they put a piece of zinc in the system which corrodes before the Aluminum. It's called a sacrificial anode. This is what allows aluminum radiators to be used in mixed metal cooling systems.
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  2. If you are going to utilize copper and aluminum in a loop together, I would strongly recommend using a form of anti-corrosive coolant in order to help prevent this issue. For PC watercooling, we really try to stress not using aluminum as many other components utilize copper and nickel.
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  3. There aren't any AIOs out there that I know of, that used mixed metals. If they did....I certainly wouldn't be buying it.

    Which AIO are you talking about?

    NM...Thermaltake. Don't buy that crap.
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