1050ti and rx 480 choices

What are some good motherboards for these which could cost less than $100? Multiple people have recommended the tomahawk b350, but I see regardless of brand most of that model is not rated very good.

Or I may just not even get a gpu and use the stock one for i7 processors... I don't game on a pc and would only occasionally potentially edit video.
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  1. If you do not game on PC and are only wanting a little bit more graphics power or something similar I would actually recommend the GTZ 1030. Its only about $70 and has siginificantly more power then the intigrated graphics of an i7. They do not require any extra power from your powersuply and will run off of the power that comes through the socket you plug them into. Last I knew there are 2 versions of it, a dual slot version with a fan and a single slot version that is passively cooled. Both are the same cost and perform the same.
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  2. If I am going to get one at all, I might as well get the 1050ti because I'd only be saving $70 to go down from that to the recommended one. Also, I am actually leaning towards a ryzen cpu if I do buy a gpu. I was just trying to save money, but if I don't go all out and save the whole amount, I am not saving enough to be worth downgrading.

    Either way, I need help getting the right mobo, good choices for intel and good choices for amd. But, like I said, a lot of those b350 ones are rated as mediocre. I saw on enwegg both an asus and msi one are rated only 3 stars/eggs.
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  3. Still nobody has recommended mobos and I just read that you cant even go up to 3000+ for memory on the b350. Other than that an ASROCK one is on sale for $60 after rebate. Is that newegg's own brand or what?
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  4. How much worse is the 750 ti compared with the 1050 ti? I see they're both 4GB.
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