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Hello everyone i recently replaced my corsair h60 with the an h80i i had bought ages ago but never installed. The cpu (a i5 4670k) had always been too hot with an overclock of 4.3 ghz and a voltage of 1.236v. It would reach temperatures in the 90's on intel burn test and prime 95 and on cinebench r15 it would reach mid to high 80's. I thought the h80i would change this but no luck, it still runs very hot and also the difference between the 1st and 4th core is very high at 13 degrees on these stress tests.
Is there any way to fix this or any other more effective coolers, preferably air cooled. (I'm getting really tired of water cooling as both haven't performed very well and the h80i is incredibly loud)
Thanks for any help you can give.
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  1. Arre you sre you applied thermal paste well?
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  2. H60i to H80i is not a very large upgrade. I wouldn't suggest you'd see a large difference between the two (few degrees at most). The H60 isn't even rated for overclocking so you were already pushing the limits. I doubt the H80 can even keep up with the OCing.

    If you are overclocking go with a 100+ series. I personally use a H115i on a 6700k that is OC'ed. I never break 70c under full load.

    But that maybe a little over kill for your system. You can get away with something under 115 series I'm sure with no issues.

    Also how was it applied to the system. I'm assuming it came with preapplied thermal paste? Did you clean off the old thermal paste before applying the new?
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  3. Any cooler needs a supply of fresh air to do it's job.
    What is your case, and fan arrangement.
    What is the orientation of the radiator?

    If you take the case covers off, does this help?
    If so look to case airflow fixes.
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  4. salerhino said:
    Arre you sre you applied thermal paste well?

    It comes pre applied with the h80i
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  5. jamesa82 said:
    salerhino said:
    Arre you sre you applied thermal paste well?

    It comes pre applied with the h80i

    As you didn't place/use cooler for so long, are you sure that it didn't dry out? (probably didn't but anyway)
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    There are no CLCs that outperform comparable priced air coolers and the ebst air coolers outperform CLCs costing 50% more and the CLCs can be 12 times as loud.

    Still, those temps are a bit high

    These are what I usually recommend for Haswell

    Up to 1.200v = Very Good Air Cooler (Hyper 212)
    Up to 1.250v = Best Air Coolers (Phanteks PH-TC14-PE, Silver Arrow or Noctua DH14) ....... Dual 140mm CLC / AIO Cooler w/ 1500 rpm fans (Corsair H110)
    Up to 1.275v = Extreme Speed Dual Fan CLC / AIO w/ 2700 rpm fans (too noisy for most folks)
    Up to 1.287v = Best air coolers (Cryorig R1 / Noctua DH-15)
    Up to 1.300v = Swiftech AIOs ( Swifteh H220-X / H240-X)
    Up to 1.325v = Custom Loop w/ 15C Delta T (3 x 120mm / 140mm) *
    Up to 1.400 = Custom Loop w/ 10C Delta T (5 x 140mm or 6 x 120mm) *

    A good mount is important (60 pounds clamping force) , as is proper application of TIM. And selection of TIM can produce results that vary by 4C or more,

    But one major impact here is that P95 and other synthetic utilities have outlived their usefulness. While most P95 users wont use modern versions of the utility, sticking with 26.6 , my coincerns are a) why test w/ a utility which will apply loads far in excess of anything else the PC will ever see ? and b) what's the point when 24 hour stable P95 OCs fail in minutes under a multitasking benchmark which includes modern CPU instruction sets ?

    I would:

    1. Remove the cooler and clean w/ 90+% isopophyl alcohol
    2. Select a quality thermal paste that doesn't cost half as much as the cooler and has no curing or capacitance issues (AS5)
    3. Use proper application techniques
    4. Apply appropriate pressure (60 lbs) and sequencing as per cooler instructions
    5. make sure utility software functioning properly.
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  7. I had a chip once with 10*C between one core and the others. I was struggling to get 3,45GHz out of it. When I replaced it with another I got 3.72GHz easily. Do you know the history of the CPU or did you buy it used (from China?). If the first core is the hot one it may have been overclocked and used for single thread apps.
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  8. Thanks for all your replies, really sorry for not getting back to this thread sooner i'm currently trying to work out if my psu has got any issues as some strange things are going on with my OC. Anyway I tried remounting the cooler and applying new thermal paste but no luck. I think I'm going to return it and go for a good air cooler, something like a noctua nh-u14s ( i have high profile ram).
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