Safe mode impossibly slow and PC won't boot normally (Not your common scenario)

Hello guys!

So came back from work, woke up my required a restart....I restarted then I got stuck on the black windows screen with logo not animating...I restarted again and was greeted with the dreadful check your PC for errors or boot normally window...I chose to let windows fix the took about a good 20 minutes just to get to that window where it started checking for errors (I have a good PC...i'll post the specs bellow). After checking, windows couldn't find any problems so I rebooted again and this time went into safe mode with networking.

Safe mode got stuck while loading some avg.sys file...this is where I panicked! after scouring the internet for 2 straight days...someone mentioned deleting those avg.sys files from the windows\system32\drivers folder as they were related to AVG antivirus and were not essential to boot the PC (Planning on removing AVG anyways so I figured ok...let's do it)...rebooted the pc...pressed check for errors....canceled the checking process...and clicked on command prompt at the bottom on that window....opened notepad...file\open...just so I can have some window where I could breathe and do something....I found those avg.sys files deleted them.....rebooted into safe it was stuck while loading CLASSPNP.SYS!

Again scoured the internet for answers...and I literally did everything! Ran every single command from command prompt...chkdsk....sfc...rename classpnp.sys to .old...changing bios setting or name it...I did them all....after almost giving up...I decided to open my case and further inspect.......Unhooked power, removed video card, removed all hdd, I cleaned around, switched SATA cables around and put back everything back into the case...

Boot into safe mode...same thing stuck on CLASSPNP.sys......I left it sit there for a while.....and holly molly! It actually booted into safe mode......after 30 minutes! Now here comes the real fun......because I restarted my system 5 million times the wrong soon as it loaded safe said something about pagefile size was set by windows. It was asking me to check it.....I couldn't do anything as it is almost impossible to click's so slow dead almost....its telling me my c drive has 8mb or free space! I know for a fact I have at least 13gig free....but I noticed my pagefile size was around that i'm stumped....i tried to reset it to 0 and delete it and let windows do it automatically...but I just can't press anything without waiting 30 minutes for even a simple right click! I decided to clean some files from C drive maybe it would run a bit faster and I can do some stuff...

Again booted into check errors from windows.....(not safe mode) and pressed command prompt....again launched notepad...file open....and moved some files from c to one of my 3tb said now I have 5gb space on i can breathe right? Nope! It's still absolutely crawling when I booted back into safe mode......I can't do of my drives is showing under my computer....but no info on it just the gray icon without the blue bar on it and sapce indicator....and as soon as I press on it to open it...the PC hangs....I know it exists and it's in good condition...chkdsk yielded 0 bad sectors...and in bios...the drive exists and it reads 1Tb so it's good......

Why is a simple routine restart turning into a nightmare so fast! I'm dying guys! Please help me! Why was I able to boot into safe mode after moving the SATA cables around?


PC specs:

i7 3773
Motherboard Asus p877 pro
16Gb RAM
Nvidia GTX 1070
PSU Corsair1050
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  1. Unplug all drives aside from your main boot one, try again. If that also has issues, boot off a utility disk like Ultimate Boot CD and run a disk scan on the drive to check for errors. Running a Linux Live CD should also get you into the system to run a disk check on the drive. Try with new SATA cables, check if any of the SATA ports on the motherboard have issues reading disks. Try installing Windows clean on a spare or new hard drive.

    Seems like one or more of your hard drives is bad, or a cable, or a SATA port.
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