Will GTX 1050 Ti run on 400W Circle PSU

I have H61mD3H motherboard, i5 3330 (3rd Gen) CPU, Circle 400W PSU, 12 GB RAM, 2 Fans, 500GB HDD and Optical drive.

Will my PSU power be sufficent for GTX 1050 TI.??
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  2. With YOUR system it should be fine. The "300W" is only an estimate without knowing the rest of the system.

    I would estimate roughly 200W for that system plus a GTX1050Ti under load with perhaps spikes above 250W so should be fine. That should be worst-case as a BASIC i5-3350P system uses about 88W under load. So add more RAM, 75W (ish) for graphics card and allow for spikes.

    *See if there is a 6-pin connector on the GTX1050Ti card, and if so what ADAPTER the card comes with. You'd probably need a 2xMOLEX-> 6-pin adapter. (as I suspect you do not have a 6-pin graphics card power cable)
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  3. It will fine. His PSU is able to handle the load and then some.
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  4. The important thing is, that circle psu is utter trash :(
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    Yup ^ what lucky said.

    A decent 400w PSU can handle it easily.

    The circle , for all its 400w label , is really a 300w psu
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