Skylake processor on 200 series chipset

If I want to put i5 6500 on 200 series chipset like H270 or B250. Do I need to update the BIOS of the motherboard like using kaby lake processor on Skylake Motherboard?

Which motherboard will be suitable for i5 6500

I currently have MSI H110M Grenade and I'm looking for a replacement because that motherboard doesn't have heatsink VRM and the MOSFET does not have heatsink.

I'm currently looking at ASUS ROG Strix B250F. But I'll welcome any suggestions if there is motherboard with similar quality

Note: I don't care if the Motherboard lacks of feature or just have slightly slower performance as long as it is good quality. Meaning that it won't heat up or die on me within 4 years just because I leave it 24/7 on.

I change this motherboard not because it lacks of feature. But because I worry that the motherboard will get hot.

I already have decent HSF and decent power supply (tier 2). It is a shame if my Motherboard breaks because of inferior quality. I don't want the motherboard to ruin all other components.

I'm running out of times.
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  1. No, 200-series chipsets should work right out of the box with Skylake. It's not like 100-series chipset boards & Kaby Lake at all.
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  2. If I upgrade the Motherboard from H110 to B250, will there be any performance hit or performance drop?

    If I use skylake on b250 motherboard, will there be a performance hit?
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  3. There will be no performance change. Don't buy a new board just because of heatsinks. If you're not actively having issues, keep what you have.
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  4. I 2nd not buying a new board the one you have could last just as long as any new board you buy and has the standard 3 year warranty just like the new board your looking at buying.
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  5. Alright, I was worried when someone told me that the motherboard temp, the VRM, or Mosfet inductor will reach 100c when you game 24 hour or video editing, rendering and do virtualization will reduce lifespan of the motherboard and might take other components away like cheap PSU.

    I heard that cheap motherboard use inferior capacitor. I don't know why, I feel exaggeratedly agitated. Based on previous thread, they said that I will be alright though even if I decided to do video editing or something a little more intensive than just gaming.
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