4k + 1080p Dual Display setup (MSI -X 1080ti)

Hello everyone.
Before upgrading to a 1080ti I was happily running 2 1080p displays with extended desktop. (with a GTX 970)
I had everything running on the monitor and the extended one was my TV where I could say drag VLC, browser (or whatever) there and everything was peachy. Each display was working independently, whether it was turned off or on.
One small detail.... the extended desktop (TV) didn't have the windows 10 bar... it was just a clear screen with the desktop background.

Now after the upgrade (fresh install), I have the 4k monitor (via displayport) as my main display and the 1080p TV (via HDMI) as secondary.
First of all, the 1080p tv has the windows bar/button showing which would not be a problem but....
If I switch off the monitor (or goes down in powersave), the entire primary desktop (icons etc) switches/transfers to the TV and if a video is playing (say netflix, or through media player), playback stops and the player needs to be restarted.

AmIdoingItWrong or is it a 4k+1080p thing?
There are not many options to play around with in the nvidia or windows settings...

Any ideas would be appreciated!
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  1. Small update : it seems to be a displayport issue and I'm still researching options...
    In short, when the displayport connected monitor is off/asleep, the entire display is transferred to the other monitor.
    In windows 10 there's an option to show the taskbar on all the displays... disabling this doesn't help.
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