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Hello! I just got my Corsair h100i V2 today and I am wondering if 1.190 at 4.5Ghz is a good voltage for my i7 4790k? I did stress tests and everything and everything is stable. My friend is saying I could try to go down to 1.17-1.18 because I was stable at 4.4Ghz at 1.16. If someone could answer me who has been overclocking for a long time it would be appreciated. Thanks.
*UPDATE*: I got it to 4.4Ghz at 1.17GHz stable and its great. Thanks for answering though.
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  1. It may or may not be possible but it were me I would find the lowest voltage for any given OC to be stable. So the only way to find out is to test those voltages. If you plan on OCing more then it is a little less relevent unless your graphing your voltage to frequency to see where your voltage spikes and your CPU won't OC very well any further. If your doing that though you should get the lowest stable voltage for several speeds like 4.2ghz,.3,.4,.5, etc.
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