I am afraid my power supply won't be enough!

Hello all, i was wondering if my PC build will be able to maintain itself. I got a 450w Power Supply and it says my total max wattage is 395w. I would like to know if I should get a Power Supply with more wattage.

My build on pcpartpicker:
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    With your build, you'll need 600W range PSU.

    That being said, i suggest getting any Seasonic unit. E.g S12II-620, G-650, Focus+ 650 or PRIME 650 80+ Titanium,

    S12II and G series PSUs come with 5 years of warranty. My AMD build is also powered by S12II series PSU.

    Focus+ is the newest PSU line from Seasonic and it comes with 10 years of warranty.

    While PRIME 650 80+ Titanium is the best 650W PSU money can buy at current date.
    With Seasonic PRIME 80+ Titanium series, you'll get the highest efficiency (94%), tightest voltage regulation (0.5%), longest hold-up time (30ms), lowest ripple noise (20mV) and longest warranty (12 years) there is. Fully modular cables and toggle-able Premium Hybrid fan control too.

    My Skylake build is also powered by PRIME 650 80+ Titanium PSU (full specs with pics in my sig).
    Oh, all semi- and fully-modular Seasonic PSUs are also compatible with CableMod SE-series custom sleeved power cables. To match my black & red theme, i replaced the stock black power cables with CableMod SE-series red colored power cables.
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