Overclocking i5 4690K - fit in the case?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I could overclock my CPU. I am thinking of buying the cooler master hyper 212x. Will everything fit in my case? I'm new to overclocking and building computers in general.
I've also heard about the silicon lottery, so assuming I can OC quite high - what would be the recommended with this CPU cooler? 4GHZ?

GTX 970
i5 4690k
Motherboard: Z97-P
Case: NZXT Source S340 Mid tower
I think I have a 500watt PSU but I can't remember
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  1. the cooler will fit your case, you should check your PSU if its low quality you can risk hrdware by overclocking with it, for the oc, it depends on cpu, ambient temps, case airflow, so its hard to say what numbers you will get, you will have to get that number by trial.
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  2. With decent airflow and that cooler, depending on your luck you can get somewhere between 4.2 to 4.4GHZ. I had mine running fine on 4.3 Ghz with a H7 which is very similar with no issues.
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