Hello! I have a very old hdd (500gb) and I want to upgrade.
I currently have 3 ideas:
1. I get a 2TB HDD 7200 (and get an ssd later)
2. I get a 1TB Firecuda SSHD (and I will not buy an ssd later)
3. I get a 128gb ssd (or probably 250gb) and upgrade the hdd later
For me it looks like the SSHD is the most balanced in terms of capacity and speed.. but is it worth it?
I could use some speed but I also need capacity soooo what should I do? :)
Also my hdd is full :(

Here are my pc specs (if you need them):
I5 6500 3.6Ghz
Rx 480 8GB
16 Gb RAM DDR4
and an old 500gb hdd
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    depends how you use the sshd. sshd is comparable to sata ssd speeds ONLY after you use the same programs/games several times.

    SSHDs have normally a 8GB SSD part that gets loaded with your most frequent program/game access. anything accessed outside of your normal everyday load will take HDD load times. and the SSD size of 8GB generally means only 2-3 programs/games are put into it (a lot of windows stuff will be put there too).

    best option would be SSD, with a future purchase of SSHD/HDD.

    i do use a SSHD as my main drive with a HDD media backup, loading times into games is not important to me. you gonna wait on somebody anyway, loading into a game faster means you still waiting on the slowest guy before start. - i know im gonna get hunted by all the gamers for admitting this now !
  2. Ok thanks for the reply! I will get an ssd then... but my budget is very tight... is 128gb enough for the os and programs? or should I get a 250 gb for ''futureproofing''? I really dont have the cash right now for the 250gb....
  3. windows will need around 40GB for install and maybe 20Gb for the pagefile (you should move the pagefile off the SSD if you want more space but may slow alt-tabbing a little - still be faster than a HDD).
    so you gonna have 60GB free for games and programs (though i reccomend you leave around 10Gb free/unused for file extractions).

    thats if youre going to get 128GB SSD
  4. If your smart and watch your space on a 128GB SSD it will be fine. I would get the smaller SSD now for the OS and load all your programs and games on the older 500GB HDD till you can get something newer and faster and bigger.

    I run an Intel 120GB SSD for my OS a WD 6TB Red Pro for all my Steam, Origin, Blizzard games (2 out of 6TB filled) and another 750GB for all my programs.
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