Should I buy AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X or buy a GTX 1080 ti?

Question is in the title. I currently got an i5 6600K OC to 4.7GHz, GTX 1060, 16gb RAM.
I am wanting an upgrade for something. If this were your build, what would you upgrade?

EDIT: I know going with the ryzen cpu and new mobo will cost more but that's ok.
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  1. For gaming?
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  2. chemmajorp53 said:
    For gaming?

    Gaming + Editing [Multitask]
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  3. Quote:
    Should I buy AMD Ryzen Threadripper

    Probably not.
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  4. Honestly I'd just upgrade your BIOS, sell your 6600K, and buy a 7700K if you feel like your performance isn't good enough. The GTX 1060 is fine for 1080p gaming. The 6600K isn't the FASTEST cpu, but for casual workstation use it's fine
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    For gaming, the GTX1080ti.
    For multithreaded apps the threadripper might be good, but I would not touch it until the new product glitches are worked out.
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  6. Alright thanks guys. Really helped. Going to get GTX 1080 ti. Now which one should I get now lol. No more than 750bucks
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