How to install a new graphics card while integrated graphics is disabled

Hello, I recently bought a GTX 750 Ti from Newegg and I'm ready to replace my old GPU, the GT 710. The problem is that I disabled the onboard graphics after installing the GT 710, so after I unplugged the card, do I have to enable the onboard graphics and then install the GTX 750 Ti's driver? I'm sorry if I sound confused, because I am. If anyone can walk me through on installing a graphics card with the enabling and disabling of stuff. Thank you!
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  1. All graphics cards have a low res mode that works without the need for any drivers.
    You plug in your new card and you will get a low res display.
    You can then install the nvidia drivers to get full functionality.
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  2. No. Just replace the card and plug the monitor cable back into the new card.
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    Just Swap them out, and when you boot back up, as you HAVE the SAME Nvidia drivers (they work for ALL model Nvidia cards) it will recognize and tweak that it is a 750TI instead of a 710. The difference isn't the driver the difference is in the physical hardware of the 750Ti has that the 710 does not.
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