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So I've got a ryzen 5 1600 and it's currently running @ 3.7 GHz easily, the temps are usually anywhere from 30c to 50c. 1 thing is that I don't really wanna overclock it too much because this is my first ever PC I've built and I don't really "need" the overclock. I also don't have any fans in the front yet, I've already ordered them though, so all I've got is top and rear exhaust fans. But in any way, shape, or form is overclocking harmful? Also I'm looking for a good stress tester, and exactly how to use them. Given I have an Asus Mobo. Side note: I went to 3.8 GHz and it hit 60c which made me a lil uncomfortable without those last 2 fans. Any suggestions on temps that I don't wanna hit? Thank you very much!
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  1. One key aspect with overclocking that you should now is that the system has more than adequate cooling as well as more than adequate case airflow. Missing either point will only result in higher temps conversely and reduced lifespan/performance.

    Overclocking can and will degrade the component you're overclocking much like how a car pushed beyond it's factory specs will end up seeing constant maintenance or overhauls. In the case of computer parts, if your voltages aren't kept in check and do not exceed the maximum values suggested by AMd then you can have your overclock+24/7 usage go hand in hand.

    Might want to pass on your full system's specs like so:
    CPU(and cpu cooler):

    It would also be a good idea to list the values for your overclocks(voltages) and their corresponding temps.
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