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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone that has star citizen would be able to tell me what kind of experience I could get using my current setup, and if I should upgrade anything. The specs are listed below.

Thanks for the responses.

Asus Strix r9 380 4gb
Amd a10 7850k
Gigabyte ga-f2a88xm-dh3 micro atx
Kingston hyperX fury ddr3 1600 2x4gb
Kingston 120gb ssd
Adata 120gb ssd
Seagate 1tb hdd
Corsair cx-600
Thermal master tc102
Windows 10 64-bit
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  1. Well honestly as of the latest patch 2.6.3 your gona get the same FPS as everybody else which is 30fps (maybe 40fps but rarer). Currently the game is being bottlenecked by the servers themselves.

    However, once Alpha 3.0 launches this month (or very very beginning of next month), it is going to be a tad better but nothing special. Fortunately once 3.1 and 3.2 come it will we see true frame rate optimizations.

    Even then it's very demanding on the CPU, so expect 100% CPU usage on a 7850K, you'll still get bearable frame rates so you can run it still.
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  2. Sorry, I didn't mean to downvote the response. I haven't posted much, and I didn't know what the arrow did. I appreciate the answer, it's good to know that it's getting improvements.
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  3. :lol: No problem.

    I am curious though as to how your system will perform. I'd also check in with the Star Citizen forums (spectrum) as the community there also has good insight into how the game performs (if you go to the hardware section).
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