Wanting to Change Booting From Slow HDD to New SSD and use old HDD for Programs

My title pretty much says it all. My set up i have now is starting to become very slow since its almost 4 years old now. I wanted to give it all a refresh with a nice SSD BUT somehow maintain my programs onto my old HDD. Is this even possible?

Also, what would be a good SSD to get? I mainly only want to run windows from it and maybe one or two other high-priority programs from it.

My setup:
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB
OS: Windows 10 Home

If I left out any important specs, let me know!

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    How much do you want to spend on an SSD? The SK Hynix SL308 can be had for about 90USD for a 250GB version, provided you are buying from USA. Per your intention for an SSD, you should rather have your OS and the app's/programs installed on the SSD to help in realizing what you've invested in. The HDD can be left for use as an additional storage for videos or even your creative content.
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