upgrading my budget system

AMD Athlon X4 880K 4x4.00GHz
MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Aero 6GB OC
8GB RAM Kingston/ G-Skill/ Crucial DDR3 PC-1600 1x8GB ValueRAM
1TB Toshiba HDD DT01ACA
480W be quiet! AC-WildRabbit Series
Cooler Master K380 case
AMD CPU Cooler EKL Silence
Microsoft Windows 10 64Bit Prof

thats the system i bought since my old computer couldnt handle the current games anymore

is overclocking a option? i heard the 880k is a overclockers dream cpu lol
what should i get for upgrades (i dont really need a 300$ 1047819034MB/s ssd but i guess a 120gb/250 should do the job since i barely play more than 3-4 games)
for ram i will definitly get another 8gb or go balls deep and get 16gb
graphic card should be good for atleast a few months(i doubt im playing anything except league of legends,pubg,GTA V,Overwatch)
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  1. Your GTX 1060 is probably being bottlenecked by the 880K as it is now in some games. You can't really improve on the gaming performance with that system, if gaming is your goal. OC'ing the CPU will help some. But that motherboard is not designed for much OC'ing. Might kill it if you go to much.
    If your gaming is suffering, the only option would be to move to a stronger platform.

    Btw, who told you the 880K was an OC'er's dream? There hadn't been much headroom left in the 860K/880K CPUs that I've had.
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