Evolved:: Case fan speeds=lower temp? ..Too.. Help save/diagnose my PC

Current fan/case setup--
- Fractal design r5
- 2 front 120mm intake fans (below cdrom) bottom is noctua 100% at 60c- top is case provided and controlled by 3notch speed controller on front idk speed
- 1 bottom 120 noctua intake fan just adjacent to psu 100% at 65c
- 1 120 noctua rear exhaust fan right behind cpu cooler 100% 55c
- Dark Rock pro 3 cooler 100% at 50c

I have oc's cpu/ring/ram/gpu. Gpu is a beast attaining 1560clock and 74c
CPU clock is at4.5 running max temps of 80c, seems WAAY too hot for my setup, and a modest oc, any suggestions???

I use time spy and core temp.

Ram oc's too listed specs. 1.275 core voltage. 4400 ring frequency

*g.skill sniper 16gb 2133
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  1. You must balance your air intakes and exhausts to ensure that heat is carried away efficient;y. In your case you should have the same number of fans in exhaust as you have as intake. You may also need to look at your overclocked settings for your processor since higher voltages can grant you a higher clock speed but it degrades lifespan over time when coupled with high voltages.
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  2. TL;DR Registry cleaners triggered a once stable ring ratio and voltage OC to become wildly unstable.

    Thanks! Sorry about the very late response. I agree, though in my case i believe the fan locations are set quite well. Cooler is set in the top left in exhaust and is supplemented by exhaust fan. While the bottom intake and front bottom right corner intake are positioned to blow cool air into and towards the tri fan gpu. The other front intake is set just above the other and bows straight towards cooler and over ram sticks. I suppose it's a matter of debate, though when researching cooling guides, recommendations. It seemed optimal to have more intake that exhaust. Since this post however I have lowered my intake speed, and have spent a lot of time researching OC guides, and have tweaked and retweaked my settings..

    Results. Phenomenal!! 6367 in time spy, 13th best for my build: hit the jackpot with my gpu!! Temps still too high though.

    Soon after, I ran a registry cleaner... Then. Shit. Got. Fucked.
    Before continuing on, an *Important* note is that I have reinstalled cooler twice now (yesterday, being the last). I am damn near positive that I cannot, for the life of me install that monstrosity straight into the case (other option is removing the mobo, will may try that if my problems persist), and about 3 months ago now, I reinstalled it for the first time to realign the exhaust fan over ram, I had my younger brothers friend help screw it on, who then promptly, scratched the mono, nothing deep, but still multuple small scratches; and am mildly concerned that may affecting pc now.

    Without further ado, Ccleaner registry cleaner has fucked everything (i did so as i had recently uninstalled a shit load of bloatware and programs) Very soon after I received one of my first ever BSOD... (gradually became more/less frequent) I have since then tried reinserting the registry using the provided file, clearing cmos, clean installing nvidia drivers again plus a few other times in varying order with regards to these steps/ restore to restore point/ etc./ wound up running registry cleaner 6 times in total **Why on God's green Earth would someone do that?? Well... First off, I'm an idiot. Second off, the original i assumed hadn't restored correctly- as i had already clean installed nvidia drivers- so, I ran it again after a day of troubleshooting, restored, no avail, ran 3 more times in a last ditch attempt to rid my self of overlapping, corrupt files.** lesson learned: Fuck registry cleaners!

    Now here's the real kicker... I discovered that my once stable CPU OC was now wildly unstable, and the apparent root cause of my crashes (which started immediately after original registry cleaner) For a long while I was able to run 4.4 ring ratio with 1.19v. Though after resetting OC, in order to accurately trouble shoot, I now am unable to go above 4.3 ring ratio, which demands a whopping 1.24v!!
    I am currently running a full system reset, to rid myself of these jerryatrics, and upon completion flashing my bios...

    Absolutely any insight, fixes, threads, or anything what all of this may mean is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks!
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  3. With a 4790k, vcore shouldn't exceed 1.3v. No matter what. Having exceeded the Intel voltage maximums, it's no wonder your temps are crazy. There's a while lot more to OC other than bumping ring, vcore etc and if you haven't done most of them, it's no wonder you can't get stable. What's your LLC set at? Any current changes? Disabling of eco settings? C-states?

    I'd suggest you scrap the OC, return the pc to default bios and do some more research into what OC is.

    Fix that first, then worry about temps.

    Oh. And pushing 2.4v vcore might well have fried the cpu somewhat, so I'd be doing stability tests, use Asus RealBench
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  4. Lol wow.. no.. my bad! This post would be much different:"how to clean melted pc off desk?". My ring voltage was at 1.24v! And I agree much too high for comfort! Though the maximum threshold is really more like 1.25v, as long as the temps are in check.... As I said prior to these issues, I was able to achieve 44 ring ratio at 1.19v.
    These were my last recorded settings just prior to resetting my pc, I reset them to stock before the reset.

    CPU ratio mode: Fixed
    CPU ratio: 46
    Ring ratio: 43
    CPU base clock apply mode: next boot
    X.M.P: disabled
    (Manually OC'ed RAM as XMP can have issues as its presets are predetermined by the MOBO, it also has save issues, and in rare instances negatively impact other once stable components.)
    DRAM timing mode linked
    Advanced DRAM configuration:
    :command rate:1
    10/12/12/31 timing
    DRAM voltage: 1.6v
    CPU core/ring/gt voltage mode: override
    CPU core voltage: 1.24
    CPU ring voltage: 1.24
    Intel c-state: disabled
    (I haven't messed with ioa/iod/sao much yet. though if I were to ever further oc my ram frequency further than it is i'd likely offset my S.A. voltage if it was unstable and and I was determined, though I'd be more inclined towards leaving the frequency alone and lowering my command line timer very slightly)

    To oc I'd raise my cpu multiplier by 100. Run prime 95 for 10 minutes in conjuncture with core temp and cpuz until I'd crash. Then set the voltage to 1.25v. At 45 i crashed. Ran it again. Stable again. Raised my multiplier to 46 still stable. I was then able to lower my voltage 1.24... 1.235 I ran into instability.

    Btw, thanks for the catch, I edited it. i was up all night reinstalling that nightmarish cpu cooler. It's this long and was a little bit longer because 'I'm right and you're wrong'. It wasn't until I made it to the end that I realised my error. Your very much right lol.
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