Audio from nintendo switch and PC audio at the same time from the same monitor.

My Nintendo switch is connected via HDMI.
My PC is connected via DVI (i can use HDMI if neccessary to plug in headphones to monitor).
I'm not sure on how I can have audio from both playiang at the same time (without the infamous earbud/overear combo) because i often like talking to friends as i play. Any suggestions?
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  1. If you are playing audio through your monitor, it will only play audio from the active input. I don't know of any monitor that can play audio from more than one input.
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  2. If it were analog, you could use a mixer. Analog was much easier.

    Are there any digital mixers that use those signals?
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    Connect an aux cable from the PC's and Switch's headphone jack to the mixer's inputs and headphones or speakers to the mixer's output.
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