White horizontal lines all over screen for the whole boot sequence. No login screen.

I was playing some Just Cause 3 when suddenly the screen turned black. The audio distorted but i could still hear the background music from the game. When i shut down my PC using force-shutdown everything seemed fine until i started it up again. There were White horizontal lines all across the BIOS bootup sequence and Windows loading symbol, i also never got a login screen.

These are my Specs, i haven't tried booting in safe mode yet.

CPU = Intel Core I5 6400
Motherboard = ASRock H170A-X1
GPU = MSI Geforce GTX 970 4GB Gaming edition
HDD = Seagate Desktop 1TB HDD
SSD = Crucial BX200 240GB
Power = CX500M
RAM = Crucial Ballistix Sport LT BLS2C8G4D240FSB
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  1. Restart it couple of times and tell me if the problem is still present. Run heaven benchmark when you will be able to go into windows. Try to reseat your ram and switch the possitions of it and also take out and put back in your card. Try to use motherboard output. It might be the card that is broken. :)
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  2. I restarted it about 9 times, no improvements, i'm trying to see what resetting the computer to factory defaults is doing. But i could not go into windows. I haven't tried anything regarding the hardware...
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  3. I reset my computer to factory settings, it works now, i can access windows and use it as normal. The lines are also gone, but sometimes they're back and dissapear a short time after. I have a feeling its the graphics card that's doing it. i'll try to do the heaven benchmark later.
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