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Hello everyone!

So I've been in PC building community for some time, I'm a gamer and I know basic and some advanced stuff about PC's. Recently I bought a gaming laptop Lenovo Y520 because I'm not going to stay home anymore and I could move the desktop with me. I just wanted to know stuff about overclocking laptops. Here are the specs: Intel Core i5 7300HQ 2,5GHz - 3,5 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 ti 4 GB GDDR5.
Should I overclock for better preformance?
If I can, what should I overclock and how much?
Maybe some tips for oc'ing laptops!

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  1. Laptops generally can't be overclocked.

    Restricted/disabled in the BIOS, and even if it wasn't, then you'd run into massive heat issues.
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  2. Only suggestion would be that if you happen to have a decent piece of silicon you can try to reduce voltages (if possible) and lower temperatures. That should increase performance a little by giving the components more headroom to stay boosted for longer.

    Exceeding the design spec of the cooler will result in overheating. You only see overclocking as a legitimate option on more 'custom' laptop hardware that is much more massive. Now that they are shoving desktop parts into laptops, there isn't a huge need. You just pay for the speed you want and watch the battery whimper.

    I'm trying to recall the model that drained the battery while plugged in and gaming. I vaguely recall it being an alienware offering. Some newer heavy duty laptops now come with multiple power bricks...
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  3. Very few people on Tom's would advise overclocking laptops. The problem is always heat related because laptops are already operating at the thermal limits when pushed with a sustained load.

    However, some people overclock their laptops to gain a few FPS. They generally lower the GPU voltage (to handle the heat and not overload the laptop power adapter) with MSI Afterburner and at the same time add frequency on both the GPU processor and VRAM. http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/afterburner-download-msi.html
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  4. Here are some laptop techniques from back in the day. The thread is closed, but it's a good place to start. The newer CPUs have the Northbridge on die, but you can get some idea what questions to ask.
    If you can get an unlocked CPU in there then Throttlestop software can take it from there.
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