Which will perform better in gaming Gigabyte GV-RX550GAMING OC-2GD Radeon™ RX 550 Gaming OC 2Gb or gigabyte gtx 1050 ti oc G1

Hi guys I am going to purchase a new GPU so that I have selected the 2 GPUs that are given above in the name of the thread so you guys please help me that which one should I purchase to get maximum performance for my games thanks in advance
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    1050 ti is way better. Not even really a contest either. Should be okay for basically any game at low/med.
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  2. What if I put rx 470 4gb vs gtx 1050ti 4gb
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  3. taimoorbaig382 said:
    What if I put rx 470 4gb vs gtx 1050ti 4gb

    In that case RX 470 is a lot better - however I don't know the wattage of the RX 470 off the top of my head, not sure if 500W is enough power. It probably is but you might want to make sure beforehand.
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