Trident z RGB Ram (4 sticks of 32gig 3200Mhz 16 vs 4 sticks of 32gig 3000mhz 16)

HI, I want to buy a set of Trident Z RGB ram and one is a set of

4 sticks 32 gig 3200mhz cas latency 16 for 306 dollars

the other is

4 Sticks 32 gigs 3000mhz cas latency 16 276 dollars

My question is will I notice a difference between the 3200mhs 16 and the 3000 16. Is the extra 37 dollars for the 3200mhz 16 worth it. Thank you all for your time.

My Systems Specs are:
MOTHER BOARD: Asus Maximus Formula VIII z170
CPU: Intel I7 6700K
GPU: 1080TI
STORAGE: Samsung 500gig M.2 850
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  1. 3200 mhz 2x16gb sticks :
    Your system wont benefit with 4 sticks , no reason to go for it
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