Pentium G3258 CPU and GIGABYTE GA-B85M-DS3H-A Motherboard Overclock (Windows 10)

Wow. I've found posts indicating this combination cannot overclock, other posts saying it was done successfully, some saying it was successful after manipulation of a sys32 file, and now I'm confused and frustrated.

CPU = G3258
MoBo = GA-B85M-DS3H-A (v1.0, bios version = F3)

Regardless of what I've tried, I get one of two results:
1) Upon boot, the system hangs on the bios startup screen, or
2) Nothing displays and the system power cycles continuously.
Every time one of these results occur, I have to pull the battery from the motherboard, as the CLR_CMOS pins have never worked for me, which is a serious pain in my behind. The battery is under my GPU.

First attempt, I changed nothing other than CPU Clock Ratio to 4.0GHz. I have the same G3258 on an MSI H81I motherboard and this was literally the only thing I did to achieve 4.0GHz, so figured I would start simple. Failure.

I set CPU Clock Ratio to 4.0GHz and "K OC" to Enabled. Failure.

I set CPU Clock Ratio to 3.8GHz and "K OC" to Enabled. Failure.

I set CPU Clock Ratio to 3.8GHz and "K OC" to Enabled and CPU Vcore to 1.200V. Failure.

CPU Clock Ratio = 4.0GHz, K OC = Enabled, Uncore Frequency = 3.6GHz, CPU Vcore = Normal (1.102V), CPU Vcore Offset = 0.100V, CPU RING Voltage = Normal (1.050V), CPU RING Voltage Offset = 0.100V. Failure. This was based upon a youtube video from 2014.

I then found posts regarding removal of mcupdate_GenuineIntel.dll, so I changed permissions, renamed it as .bak, re-tried the options above, same results.

I tried using Gigabyte's built-in "Easy Tune" software, same results.

Before I do any more sample runs, I'd just like to know if I'm wasting my time on something impossible, because as of writing this, I feel like it is.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Progress made today. Decided to start all over. Uninstalled the "Easy Tune" Software due to irregularities with the bios settings.

    In short, yes, this board can OC a G3258.

    3.3GHz@1.2V was a success. No crazy .dll modifications or anything. Just changed Ratio=33, K OC = Enabled, Vcore = 1.2V
    3.8GHz@1.2V with Uncore = 3.3GHz was a success. Stressed for 20 min or so, decided to try one final push.
    4.0GHz@1.2V with Uncore = 3.3GHz resulted in frozen bios splash.
    4.0GHz@1.25V with Uncore = 3.3GHz resulted in booting to windows, but then almost immediately was greeted with the blue screen.
    4.0GHz@1.25V with Uncore = 3.8GHz resulted in power cycle and boot failure.
    4.0GHz@1.26V with Uncore = 3.8GHz resulted in booting to windows. Started up the stress test and received the blue screen.
    4.0GHz@1.3V with Uncore = 3.3GHz resulted in booting to windows. Stress tested for 20 min or so, temps reached 70DegC. I really didn't want anything over 1.2V though.
    Reverted to 3.8GHz@1.2V with Uncore = 3.3GHz and will be stress testing in the next day+.

    Appears my G3258 is not the cream of the crop.
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