Surge protector question about joules.

I'm looking at the APC Essential SurgeArrest 8 outlets

and Cyber Power CPSURGE08USB-ANZ

The APC has a Surge energy rating of 861 Joules. The CyberPower claims 2750 Joules Surge Suppression.

Is surge suppression different to surge energy rating? 2750 Joules is a very high rating for a board that is cheaper than the APC and has a lower equipment protection policy of 50,000 vs 75,000 of the APC...
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  1. In any case I'd suggest that you go for APC since they have a reputation preceding their work/products. Cyberpower, well, they tend to be flabbergasted advertising claims rather than functional hardware.
  2. Isn't Joules more of an indicator of life expectancy?

    The APC does have some nice features like Building Wiring Fault Indicator and Protection Working Indicator, I just wasn't sure whether I needed to go for the highest Joule rating...

    Edit: I am hoping to get an UPS eventually so don't really want the most expensive surge protector to tie me over but at least something decent that could be used elsewhere if I needed too also. What do you think of the APC I've listed?
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