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I have Crucial MX100 mounted in old PC and I was planning to keep it for new Ryzen setup. But I just saw health is 98%! Can someone tell me how it is bad and should I buy a new one or not yet? There is screenshots made in Sentinel 5.0.1 Pro and SSDLife Free;
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  1. I would not be at all concerned, however now is the time (actually it was last year sometime when you built it) to consider your backup plan.
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  2. why would you think a 2% loss is bad? it is posted all over those programs that the health is excellent. stop worrying about it. those programs would tell you if there was a reason not to use the drive. use it!
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  3. It is fine. I would have no issue using it. with any drive, you really, really need to think about some comprehensive backup plan.
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  4. im on board with the backup recommendations. i use macrium reflect.
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