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So i tried to oc my cpu ....i5 2500k...i have an asrock h61-dgs motherboard...the overclock was a really small one...from 3.3 ghz to 3.4ghz...and based on cpuz it was a succesful overclock...but my pc was acting weird...first thing i noticed after the boot is that i couldnt use my mouse buttons...i had to press enter in order to enter my password for win 10...after that i brought it back but the crap still stayed the same...mouse was sometimes working and sometimes wasnt...the keyboard is what can i do.
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  1. You may find it in your best interests to dial back the overclocks to the default settings and then try and reinstall your OS. Windows 10's early iterations never liked the overclocks and more so the platform you're on shouldn't be seeing any overclocking duties unless your system is expendable.
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