Pc shutdown randomly in overwatch only

here's my problem .... I play different games but this concern happen only in overwatch. sometimes its after a few match and sometimes its after a few minutes only ... nothing its overheating cpu temp shows 72C and gpu temp 55. the only thing that i have not changed its the motherboard so everything its new .... i'm running the game at low graphic setting and i locked the fps at 60 so here's my pc spec ... hope you can help me on this one

motherboard : asus sabertooth fx990 2.0
CPU : Amd fx8320 (not overclocked)
GPU: Asus ROG GTX 1060 6gb
Ram : 2x Fury HyperX 8gb 1600
PSU: Thermaletake smart 600w certified 80+
CPU Fan : Coolermaster Evo 212
Monitor : Acer gn246hl 144hz
Hard drive : Seagull ssd 240gb
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  1. If that's 72c Core temp than it's too high, should be no more than 62c.
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