i5 6600k with ASUS Z270 TUF Mk 2 overclock settings


I have the above CPU and board with the following RAM

I'm currently running at 4.1GHz overclock with XMP enabled. The tuning was done using the BIOS tuning wizard and I noticed the VCore is currently set at 1.35V max with BCLK set to 103. I believe that is a little high for a 4.1GHz OC.

I'm targetting a 4.2GHz OC as I live in a hot country, 4.1 is giving me low 60s on temp during gaming.

Should I reset everything to default, and restart from there? Since my system is stable at current settings, I was thinking of just starting from 1.25V, BCLK 100, multiplier 41, and then moving the multiplier up to 42. Is that advisable?

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  1. I was achieving 4.3 on my 6600k by moving the multiplier only. Also without toughing any other settings. It ran stable in prime95. If I remember correctly was getting max temps in the mid 50c range. Though it is cooler here I suspect. I ran it this way for 6 months without a crash on air.

    You might want to try just moving the multiplier to 42 or maybe 43. If you have not already. Oh and of course keep XMP enabled.

    What you said should work ok.
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  2. Thanks.

    After some searching around, I decided to play around with the voltages and power settings to give me a stable OC at lower temp.

    I reset everything back to default, set VCore to Manual at 1.2V and Multiplier to 42. Idle temp was mid 30s, Prime95 TMax was in the mid 70s but gaming load TMax was mid 60s.

    With that as a baseline, I played around with Offset mode at -0.13V and LLC set to Level 4. This resulted in a VCore max of 1.216V on loads. Idle temps were still mid 30s, but the strange thing now is that my gaming load TMax is high 50s-60 but Prime95 hit 80. Not sure why this is the case, but I'll run these settings for a while and if they seem stable, I'll try bumping the multiplier up to 43.
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