Nzxt x62 Not Screwing in Straight

Just placed the cooler on top of the cpu and was screwing in my last two thumb screws when they decided not to go in straight. I have tried to realign the standoff screws but they refuse to cooperate. What can I do , I can't remove the standoff screws and the screws are starting to strip.
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  1. Do you have a picture of the extent of the screw strip'age? Do you mean the head of the screw or the threading of the thumb screws? Often times with installation, frustration takes the better of us and what should've been a walk in the park turns out to be a nightmare only to find out being calm and proceeding cautiously would've been the best thing to do.

    Would you also be able to pass on a video of how you're trying to install it? There are installation videos on YouTube but I'm referring to your manner of installation.
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  2. Thank you for your response, here are a few photos.

    I was following, I had gotten to the thumb screw part and found that the stand off screws are not aligning straight or are at least not screwing in straight.
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  3. When installing the waterblock, have you made sure that you have one finger on the center of the AIO cooling block and applying the screws in a criss cross manner and then tightening them in a criss cross manner?

    Contrary to that video, I would suggest that you use fingers to tighten down the screws. Mechanically, if you get the screws on the wrong threading, they can be forced in the wrong way.

    This is a better illustration of what you should be doing:

    ^ You look like you have the shorter of the screws in your kit.
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  4. I have tried the criss-cross method but it seems that the thumbscrew does not want to screw onto the standoff screw. Is it possible to remove the standoff screw, it may be not be straight.
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  5. Shouldn't be an issue of not straight, those parts are stamped out by the thousands. What I'm wondering is if you are tightening the thumbs crews down before moving to the next. You shouldn't, this'll put torque on the mount and the last screws will not line up correctly. I'd start by loosening all the thumbs crews, back them out all the way, then apply 2-3 turns on the problem screws. Then criss-cross, 2-3 turns etc. The mount will be loose enough to just get all 4 thumbs crews started this way. Then repeat until the pump is almost tight, then switch to 1/2 turns until quite tight, then finish with 1/4 turns. My x61 is actually easier to mount than my h55 was.
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