Asus GTX 1070 turbo STOCK power throttle?

Hey everyone,

I've also posted this on the nVidia forums.. I've got the video card in the title (GTX 1070 Turbo from Asus), but I've just noticed that it keeps power throttling at default settings (stock), even though I upped the power limit to max (it also seemd to reach power limit on the default settings, which was a limit of 100 instead of 112). Does my card have some kind of problem? This is really weird. I'll attach a link to a screenshot that shows this behavior when running Heaven benchmark (EDIT: The benchmark was NOT running when I took the screenshot :), I used those red rectangles to mark when it was running) ).

I know I have been warned about this card thermal throttling, but it seems to be actually power throttling ?? I monitored the temps and they're not that bad (have reached up to like 82.. it actually spiked to 92 when I ran GPUTool (I strongly suspect this old software may have messed up the fans because it seemed to also be an overclocking tool, although I only wanted to stress test using it)

If there is a problem with the card, can it be returned to the shop under the guarantee of conformity?
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  1. there is nothing wrong with your card.
    In your screen shot you were boosted to 2025mhz. At that core speed you will hit thermal,power or utilization limits on a regular basis. It is just the way the card was designed.

    you can set a custom fan curve for the card to keep it a little cooler, but you will have to play with it some to get best temperatures at what you consider acceptable fan noise.
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  2. Thank you very much. But why would it be designed like this? I've seen JayzTwoCents' video on Pascal OC and his 1080 did not have this problem (on stock settings, he did not get any power limit). Is this a characteristic of the Asus Turbos or something?
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  3. NVIDIA created Pascal to be low power. They set artificially low power limits on the reference design boards, to ensure it.

    On some of the custom PCB's, they'll have a higher power limit set in the bios, so they won't have this problem to the extent that you're seeing it.

    As for thermal and power limits. Boost 3.0 constantly makes changes to the core frequency and the voltage, to keep the GPU running as efficiently as possible, and within normal operating temps. It does this throughout the operating temp spectrum. I've seen boost 3.0 make frequency / voltage changes all the way down to 10c.
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  4. Thank you both for helping me out. I've tried OCing it a bit and it seemed like when I used no memory OC, the clock would boost higher. Is this also because of the power limitation? Also, would flashing the BIOS and upping that power limit help? (I doubt I'd try that until the warranty is off, though.. anyway, the card peforms very well without OC)
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