Can't Overclock my i5 7600K?

First of all, I have an asus strix z270F Gaming motherboard. When i enter bios, I can enable xmp which is default on disable and i enabled it already , but heres the real question when i go to change my cpu frequency from 3.8 base clock to 4.2GHz I selected the option "Sync All Cores" so that all 4 of my cores are at 4.2GHz but when i save and enable those settings XMP gets enabled,my i5 7600k is still stuck at 3.8GHz Base clock. And i go back into my bios my settings to change it to 4.2GHz is still there and enabled but my i5 7600K is still sitting at 3.8GHz. Any help would be amazing as it is my first ever pc build and ive just finished building it yesterday.Thanks.
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  1. It's sitting at 3.8 in idle or load?
    Usually there is a lower range, 8 for example for me, that's the lowest the CPU clock will go in idle.
    I just finished OC 7600k on an MSI and all I did was change the multiplier and the voltage. I own a Z97 Expert with a G3258 and the same solution for overclocking.
    Are you sure you're saving with F10?
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  2. Yes,It Doesen't change on both idle and load I have not tried to change the voltage cause my friend told me to not to change it so I havent messed around with it.But yea i did save with f10.
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