Maximus Hero VII SLI GTX 1070 Samsung 960 EVO

Can I use a Samsung 960 EVO with sli 1070's on a Maximus Hero VII? i7 4790k
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    Yes. Set in BIOS PCI Express X4_3 Slot Bandwidth to M.2
    However, the slot is x2, not x4, so you'd not be able to use the drive at its full potential. Maybe spending less money on a x2 M.2?
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  2. thanks yo, is that going to reduce the speed of my Sli 1070's at all or is that option talking about different pcie slots? I only have my sli 1070's in , no other pcie slots have anything in them
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  3. You're welcome.
    The M.2 does not share bandwidth with the cards, but with the x4 PCIe slot. However, check the above about the x2 vs x4.
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